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Merciless -The Awakening lp [red]


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2017 re-issue on red vinyl with insert and 4 bonus live tracks. Limited 500 copies

One of the first underground death thrash outfits to rise from Sweden, Merciless are also the first band to sign on the underground record label Deathlike Silence owned by Euronymous of Mayhem fame with their first full length The Awakening (Anti-Mosh 01). This debut is one of those albums that have earned the cult status. It’s a vicious, unrelenting, over the top aggressive masterpiece of razor sharp riffing; pummeling, frantic, phrenetic drumming and a voice possessed by demonic terror. It’s enthusiastic, violent, and often hellish. The raw production only adds to the nastiness of the compositions and it’s got this fantastic crazed atmosphere yet to be matched. It’s an anomaly in that death metal freaks, as well as black metal extremists and even thrash purists can and should get into. It’s an instantly classic from the moment Pure Hate devours you alive to the last second of Denied Birth. The songs are as addictive as they are pulverizing. As catchy as they are vicious and it’s brilliant! Do yourself a favour, track this down, you MUST own this record! Absolutely perfect violent, rancorous metal! This debut was recorded in the summer of 1989 but released by Deathlike Silence Productions on vinyl only in February 1990.

Track listing:
1. Pure Hate
2. Souls Of The Dead
3. The Awakening
4. Dreadful Fate
5. Realm Of The Dark
6. Dying World
7. Bestial Death
8. Denied Birth
9. Bestial Death-live Uppsala 7th of December 1990
10. The Awakening-live Uppsala 7th of December 1990
11. Nuclear Attack-live Uppsala 7th of December 1990
12. Pure Hate-live Uppsala 7th of December 1990

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