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Merciless Death -Realm Of Terror cd


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Merciless Death are one of those bands, that especially with this second release, is apparent they are still trying to find their sound in the thrash metal universe. Their first album was one that had a very whatever comes to mind feeling to it maybe a bit unpolished and unrefined but still some lovely retro-thrash. The second one sounds like 1984 pre-black metal worship thrash in the vein of early Slayer. Is this a bad thing? Well, not really. But they are closer to the mark than where they were before. The introduction of their newest drummer really marks the fact that they seem to be getting more of it than they were before. The biggest change you should notice is the production quality and sound of the instruments. Yeah, they’re pretty raw but it gives it a distinct early eighties flavor. One thing that I am at least very pleased with Merciless Death, is they actually threw in some interesting tempo changes. Every song doesn’t move at the same pace and they make use with slower intros, faster intros, super fast midsections, slower mid sections and a general better idea of how to pace an album properly. So the sophomore effort from Merciless Death is significantly better than their debut, ‘Evil In The Night’ and shows significant improvement in all areas. If they grow even more from this release, Merciless Death should prove to have a successful career in thrash metal.

Track listing:
1. The Abyss
2. Realm Of Terror
3. Evil Darkness
4. Tombs Of The Dead
5. Death Warriors
6. Cult Of Doom
7. Tormented Fate
8. Fall To The Pentagram
9. The Gate
10. Summoning Of The Ancient Ones

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