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Merciless -Live In Santiago lp [blue]


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Blue vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 250 copies

Swedish death metal act Merciless recorded at Recoleta Arena in Santiago on the 17th of February 2018 at the Enemies Of The Cross II festival. The line-up was Whiplash, Violent Attack, Enforcer, Frank Blackfire (who would perform Kreator and Sodom material) among others. Merciless started the ir show with a true classic, The Awakening, and the burst into total euphoria. Very grateful for the reception, the Swedes began to distribute classics such as Cleansed By Fire and Land I Used To Walk without any rest. Unfortunately, not everything was perfect on this day since, on a couple of occasions in full performance of their songs, the power suddenly cut off at least twice, causing blunders and lack of control in the public, luckily moments later the power returned and the the show continued with songs like Realm Of The Dark and Unearthly Salvation closing with the long-awaited Pure Hate and Souls Of The Dead. Without a doubt, Merciless gave everything on stage, showing that despite having technical problems, you can still put on an excellent show. This live album captures the best part of the show

Track list:
1. Denied Birth-intro
2. The Awakening
3. The Land I Used To Walk
4. Realm Of The Dark
5. Feebleminded
6. Dying World
7. Unbound
8. Souls Of The Dead
9. Pure Hate

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