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Mercy -Swedish Metal/Same cd


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Early Swedish doom metal outfit Mercy founded by Horoscope guitarist Andrija ‘Witchking’ Veljaca. The debut album ‘Swedish Metal’ from 1982 was recorded with bassist Christian Karlsson (adopting the bizarre anglicised Christian C. Greenfood) and drummer Paul Gustavsson (as Paul G. Judas) from the heavy metal band Turbo. For the first full length self title album the trio was joined by vocalist Eddy Markulin (a.k.a. Messiah Marcolin of Candlemass fame) and second guitarist Magnus Klinto. This 2002 cd release includes the two first albums together with 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks

Track listing:
Swedish Metal – 1982
1. State Of Shock
2. Don’t Stop Heavy Guitar
3. Heavy Sound
4. Lost In Time
5. Stranger From The Dark

Mercy – 1984
6. Heavy Metal Warriors
7. Dirty Love
8. Metal Mania
9. Tyrant
10. Master Of Disaster
11. Spanish Eyes
12. Zombie

Unreleased bonus tracks from 1981 to 1987
13. Beggin For Mercy
14. Shadow Woman
15. Dreams
16. Stranger From The Dark
17. Black Death

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