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Mercy -Molten Metal Black Magic lp


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Rare Romanian only release featuring 5 tracks from King Doom album and two previously unreleased tracks

After losing most of the band since the release of Witchburner in 1985, Andree Witchking rebuilt the Mercy line-up and returned with his third album called King Doom. Finding someone sounding like their earlier vocalist Messiah Marcolin is impossible so this wasnt an option and a bit of credit to Andree to finding a great vocalist that doesnt have a similar voice. Rick Wines’s vocals give the band a completely new sound and King Doom therefore is a great progression for the band. The albums mood is darker and the music is still doom metal. If you adore Mercy’s two previous albums then you need to check this one out too. Well worth it if youre into really heavy music. Features Peter Svensson from Faith on drums. Andrija Veljaca and Mercy RIP Aug 31 2005. This Romanian version of King Doom was released in 1991 and 4 songs from the original King Doom album was removed and instead 2 previously unreleased tracks were added instead

Track list:
1. Deaths Company
2. Evil Prepares
3. Black Death
4. Black Magic
5. Memory
6. Mercy
7. 1953 – 1988

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ST-ELE 04080