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Mercyful Fate -Fate Bloody Fate dlp [purple]


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Double album on purple marbled vinyls. Limited 150 copies

1984 was some sort of rebirth of Motörhead. 1983’s Another Perfect Day was a great album with Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, but was not received well by a lot of fans. Robbo then left the band and Lemmy found two new unknown guitarists – Phil Campbell and Wurzel. They sure looked dirty enough for the job but then it was announced that Philthy Animal Taylor was leaving to go play in Robbo‘s new band and he was replaced by Pete Gill from Saxon. At the same time Lemmy wanted to get out from his current record deal with Bronze Records. Lemmy expressed that having a completely new line up of members “took ten years off of me, easy, cause they were so excited. But the new Motorhead couldnt record a new album. Phil Campbell was still contracted with his previous band, Persian Risk’s label, Metal Masters. Drummer Pete Gill was still in litigation with some money that his previous band, Saxon had owed him. So the band released the No Remorse compilation album and decided to go out on tour during the time that the legal settlements were taken care of. The No Remorse Tour, sometimes called No Remorse Death On The Road Tour was therefor the first tour for the new line-up of Phil Campbell, Würzel, and Pete Gill. The new line up of Motörhead were coming to tour the US at the end of 1984 and they were bringing two of the heaviest bands with them — Mercyful Fate and Exciter. For most metalheads it was pure heaven just to enter the venues during this tour. Not just because it was cold outside but for the loaded merch stalls that were waiting for them inside. Back in 1984 it wasnt easy to find shirts carrying Satanic symbols or wearing slogans like Violence And Force. When Exciter took to the stage the crowd went completely berserk. Guitarist John Ricci and bassist Allan Johnson were covered in leather and spikes and drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler was hidden behind his giant drum kit and a gooseneck mic stand angled down so he could scream into it. When he wasn’t singing he was headbangning. Pounding Metal, Heavy Metal Maniac and some other classics were played before Beehler announced a new song, Sudden Impact. After that it was all over and they walked off the stage. Then it was time for Mercyful Fate and their audience included some dudes who were pretending to be Satanists. Mercyful Fate started playing and most people loved it while some hated it. King Diamond did his falsetto into his bone mic stand and did some banter in between songs and the band was tight as shit. This album features the show from Variety Theatre in Cleveland on December the 2nd in 1984. Both Exciter and Mercyful Fate had a lot of amps on stage but Motörhead’s backline dwarfed them. During this night on December the 2nd Motorhead would broke the world record for having the loudest show in the world, at 130 decibels beating The Who’s previous record by 10 decibels. It was so loud that it cracked the theatre ceiling, sending plaster down onto the crowd below. Eventually a maintenance worker had to shut Motorhead’s concert down, before the damage stopped. A man living near the venue reported that he was able to record the show from his living room.

Track list:
1. Doomed By The Living Dead
2. Curse Of The Pharaohs
3. Come To The Sabbath
4. Black Masses
5. Into The Coven
6. Gypsy
7. The Oath

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