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Mercyful Fate -The Unholy Sounds Of The Demon Bells A Tribute cd


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A tribute album to Mercyful Fate with some cool bands like Soilwork, Deceased, Equinox, Morta Skuld, Varathron, Necrophagia, Acheron, Vital Remains and many others. A must not only for Mercyful Fate/King Diamond fans!

Track listing:
1. Equinox -Gypsy
2. Soilwork -Egypt
3. Deceased -Domed By The Living Dead
4. Memory Garden -Nightmare Be Thy Name
5. Acheron -Room Of Golden Air
6. Morta Skuld -Desecration Of Souls
7. Burning Inside -Evil
8. Dan Swano -Melissa
9. Hemisfear -Black Funeral
10. Vital Remains -To One Far Away / Come To The Sabbath
11. Barathron -Nuns Have No Fun
12. Mystic Force -Curse Of The Pharaohs
13. Psycho Scream -A Dangerous Meeting
14. Eternal Autumn -Return Of The Vampire
15. Doomstone -At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
16. Necrophagia -Devil Eyes
17. T.A.R. -Torture (1629)

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Still Dead Productions

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SDP CD-99102