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Meridian -Sundown Empire cd


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Australia’s Meridian released only one album before disappearing and it was all due to bad timing. The band was formed in Sydney in 1994 and the year after they recorded their debut album, Sundown Empire. It was first released in 1995 by the German label Nyctalopia and then it was released in their homeland of Australia on Heartland with an additional 4 bonus remixes. That version was also licensed for Europe through Music For Nations who released it in 1996. A second album was almost finished when Music For Nations were taken over by the Zomba Music Group just as Sundown Empire came out and the band were dropped along with some other recent signings of theirs. The disappointment caused the band to fall apart. Meridian were sticking closely to the gothic rock style which might surprise some fans who saw that Peter Zantey (from Sadistik Exekution and Reverend Kiss Hades) were part of the band. David Wilkinson’s voice is very strong and low, a lower octave baritone or bass. The guitar work is strong as well and very strictly arranged throughout the music. All of the tracks are very well arranged, well played and fans of gothic rock and gothic hardrock like Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Bauhaus will find alot to like here

Track list:
1. Descent Into Solitude
2. Dreams Unveiled
3. Call
4. This Masquerade
5. Hiding
6. Surreal Embrace
7. Athanasia
8. Revelations In Black
9. Wail And Weep
10. Messiah
11. Children
12. Gatekeeper
13. Revelations-intense mix
14. Athanasia-K.K. mix
15. Dreams Unveiled-arakh mix
16. Masquerade-possession mix

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