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Messiah –Fracmont cd


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Still sealed with slipcase and double sided poster

With acts such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Coroner but also more obscure outfits such as Fear Of God, Excruciation or Infected Switzerland has always been a fertile breeding ground for Extreme Metal. Messiah were formed in 1984 and issued two truly ground breaking records on Chainsaw Murder Records, Hymn To Abramelin in 1986 and Extreme Cold Weather a year later. In the early 1990s Messiah signed to Karl Walterbach’s Noise Records label and issued three more full-length albums: Choir Of Horrors (1991), Rotten Perish (1992) and Underground (1994). A few years back Messiah decided to reform in the original line-up of their Noise Records albums with Andy Kaina on vocals, Steve Karrer on drums, Patrick Hersche on bass and band founder Brögi on guitar. The band’s original aim was to just have some fun and play sporadic live gigs for their dedicated fan base in Switzerland. But after a band meeting to talk about the future of Messiah, Brögi’s conditions was that he wanted to work on new material as well. He summarizes: Opinions in the band were divided at first. But we had already decided to promote our re-union by announcing a new album. At the time, however, we did not even know what would come out of it. But when you listen to Fracmont, it was worth all the effort. We are totally happy with what we have achieved more than 25 years after our last studio album was released. The songwriting for Fracmont (the ancient name of mount Pilatus near Luzern in Switzerland) was according to guitarist Brögi a very open process: We had no master plan about the musical direction of the album whatsoever. But this is the usual approach of Messiah. We just play what we like and have no preconceptions about which way to go musically. We all have changed over the years. This may sound too simple but Fracmont represents Messiah in the here and now. Regarding style, I can only speak for myself, but I still love the bands of my youth. I just play what I like, I don’t copy any current trends. On the other hand, I don’t want to become a parody of my younger self also. Today I am really proud about the history of Messiah. We only played what we liked and had a lot of fun doing it. Simple as that. Okay, no label had an interest in us, so we just made our first two albums on our own accord. Who would have thought that those two albums would see various re-issues over the next 34 years? They are not forgotten and have somehow become eternal. That’s very special indeed. And this was achieved with very little promo. It’s all been done by the sheer enthusiasm and support of our fans, who have never forgotten Messiah.

Track list:
1. Sacrosanctus Primitivus
2. Fracmont
3. Morte Al Dente
4. Urbi Et Orbi
5. Singularity
6. Children Of Faith
7. Dein Wille Geschehe
8. Miracle Far Beyond Disaster

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