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Metal Church -From The Vault dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. German press with different tracks compared to US version

In essence, From The Vault, features several studio recordings that didn’t make the Damned If You Do album, new studio songs, unreleased B-side tracks and unique cover versions that showcases Vanderhoof’s dual love for 70s progressive rock and skull-thudding heavy metal. This is an impressive smorgasbord for fans of the band and its really difficult to go wrong with Metal Church, as they’ve always exemplified what heavy metal and its more melodic offshoots have been about, namely a continual pursuit of excellence that also strives to keep things accessible.

Track list:
1. Dead On the Vine
2. For No Reason
3. Conductor-redux
4. Above The Madness
5. Mind Thief
6. Tell Lie Vision
7. False Flag
8. Insta Mental
9. 432HZ
10. Please Dont Judas Me-Nazareth cover
11. Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf cover
12. Black Betty-Ram Jam cover
13. Fake Healer-duet with Todd La Torre
14. Badlands-2015 version
15. The Enemy Mind
16. The Coward

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