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Metal Mercy -The Unborn Child mlp [original]


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Reduced price due to a small ding on the back cover

Rare original 1989 press. Limited 600 copies

In 1989 Metal Mercy from Jönköping, Sweden, produced the mini album The Unborn Child. Though it was released in the late 80s it does not contain any influences of modern metallic styles. This is typical 80s heavy metal with good choruses and with an impressive vocalist. The original 4-track vinyl was only pressed in 600 copies and has become a very much in demand album not only because its rarity but also because The Unborn Child was an excellent gem of Scandinavian Heavy Metal. The band went on to record some more demo material before they had to change name due to legal reasons.

Track list:
1. In Total Rage
2. Whos In The Dark
3. The Unborn Child
4. Rendevous With Death

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