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Metallica ‎–Garage Days Far Behind cd


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Garage Days Far Behind features 14 rarities. Here you have live material, remixes, covers, demos and even a track by Trauma, which was bass player Cliff Burtons first band.

Track list:
1. 2 X 4-live Donington 1995
2. Kill/Ride Medley-live Donington 1995
3. Devils Dance-live Donington 1995
4. Until It Sleeps-Herman Melville Mix
5. Jamming To The Oldies-live Gothenburg 1987
6. Hero Of The Day-Outta B-Sides Mix
7. Overkill-Motörhead cover-live
8. Damage Case-Motörhead cover-live
9. Stone Dead Forever-Motörhead cover-live
10. Too Late Too Late-Motörhead cover-live
11. Until It Sleeps-work in progress version
12. Trauma -Such A Shame
13. Holier Than Thou-work in progress version
14. Disposable Heroes-demo

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MEGA 001