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Metallica ‎–Garage Sessions cd


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Garage Sessions album features the complete Garage Days album as well as rare 9 demo tracks recorded back in 1982 with Ron McGovney on bass and Dave Mustaine on guitar. Metallica was Lars’s band at first. James and Ron joined, followed by Mustaine. Metallica had the riffs of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M.) with an American lead singer. This combo was the secret to their success. Where either US bands had a good singer but the UK bands had the great riffs. Metallica had both. Ya’ just knew that Metallica was going somewhere.

Track list:
1. Killing Time-demo
2. Let It Loose-demo
3. Hit The Lights-demo
4. The Mechanix-demo
5. Motorbreath-demo
6. Jump In The Fire-demo
7. Seek And Destroy-demo
8. Metal Militia-demo
9. Phantom Lord-demo
10. Helpless
11. Crash Curse In Brain Surgery
12. The Small Hour
13. Last Caress / Green Hell
14. The Wait

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