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Metallica -The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited cd [longform]


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Still sealed longform box with 3D lenticular cover

Following Cliff Burton’s death, Metallica took some time off and initiated new bassist Jason Newsted with a raw, unpolished EP of covers originally recorded by Diamond Head, Holocaust, Killing Joke, Budgie, and the Misfits. Most fit the band’s style quite well; only ‘Last Caress’ sounds out of place, as the original seemed looser and more dangerous. As a showcase for some strong metal riffs and material by mostly underground bands, the EP works quite well.

Track listing:
1. Helpless-Diamond Head cover
2. The Small Hours-Holocaust cover
3. The Wait-Killing Joke cover
4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery-Budgie cover
5. Last Caress/Green Hell-Misfits cover

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