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Metallica -Cunning Stunts 2dvd box


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Out of print first box version with two dvds in amaray cases

In keeping with Metallica’s other well-crafted dvds, their cheekily-named concert film Cunning Stunts, a spoonerism of the term Stunning Cunts, features a raw, 24-song set from the band and extra features like multiple camera angles, a photo gallery, weblinks, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a documentary. This 1997 performance shot in Texas in May includes Creeping Death, One, Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, King Nothing and Sad but True among its highlights, and the extensive features and crisp video and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound reaffirm that Metallica offer their fans some of the best concert dvds currently made. The photo gallery alone consists of approximately 1,000 photos. Three of the performances feature multiple angles. During the performance of the song Enter Sandman, the entire stage is set to appear to collapse and explode, with pyrotechnics and a technician (referred to in the extras as the Burning Dude) who runs across the stage while on fire, as another technician swings overhead.

Track listing:
1. So What
2. Creeping Death
3. Sad but true
4. Aint my bitch
5. Hero of the day
6. King Nothing
7. One
8. Fuel
9. Bass guitar doodle
10. Nothing else matters
11. Until it Sleeps
12. For whom the bell tolls
13. Wherever I may Roam
14. Fade to black
15. KIll/ride medley
16. Last caress
17. Master of Puppets
18. Enter sandman
19. Am I Evil
20. Motorbreath

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