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Metallica -Death Mission dlp


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Mega rare 1986 double album release with plain white labels

In 1984 Metallica was at the forefront of a new generation of metal. Their milestone album Ride The Lightning was released in July of 1984 and the band made approx 25 gigs in Europe and another 25 gigs in North America before they got the chance to perform at the Monsters Of Rock festival at Donington Park in England. In the 80s this was the biggest metal festival and for James and Lars, who were much into NWOBHM, this was a major highlight and an important opportunity. The band is having fun and performs a blistering set on pure adrenaline. Just listen to this version of Motorbreath with some ridiculously metallic riff charges. Its so intense at this hardcore speed that it feels its on the verge of a collapse. Lars Ulrich once said in an interview when he was asked about the strangest time he has ever had at a festival, Ulrich said: The first time we played at Monsters Of Rock at Donington in 1985, there was a pig’s head that was thrown up onstage while we were playing. If you just pause for a second and walk through that, step by step… like, just… first you gotta acquire a pig’s head, which I guess you can maybe buy at a butcher’s or slaughter yourself. Then you’ve gotta be motivated to carry this pig’s head to the gig and keep it with you. Then you’ve gotta get it in the venue. Then you’ve got to get up to the front, still with this pig’s head. And at some point, you’ve gotta launch the pig’s head up onstage for it to land in close proximity to the singer. It was just lying up there for the better part of the set. It was a truly bizarre thing. And that was our first British festival experience. I’m not sure that anything has really matched that since on the bizarre scale, and that’s 30 years ago. Besides the Monsters Of Rock gig we have some rehearsal material as well as the first demo by Megadeth

Track list:
1. Creeping Death
2. Ride The Lightning
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Four Horseman
5. Fade To Flack
6. Seek And Destroy
7. Whiplash
8. Am I Evil
9. Motorbreath
10. Ride The Lightning-rehearsal
11. The Call Of Ktulu-rehearsal
12. Creeping Death-rehearsal
13. Fight Fire With Fire-rehearsal
14. Megadeth –The Mechanix
15. Megadeth –Last Rites / Love To Death
16. Megadeth –The Skull Beneath The Skin

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