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Metallica -Phantom Lords A Tribute To Metallica dcd


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Still sealed double album in digipak cover

A tribute to the metal gods themselves, Metallica. This two-disc release features eleven bands each performing a Metallica song and one of their own original songs. Hear cover versions of masterpieces like ‘And Justice For All’, ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ , ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Ride the Lightning’ among others. Metalli-heads – you need this.

Track list:
Disc 1: The Tribute
1. Skw (Italy) -Metal Militia
2. Pwr (Italy) -Enter Sandman
3. Blackened (Germany) -And Justice For All
4. Mystic Foce (Usa) -Master Of Puppets
5. S.N.P. (Italy) -The Thing That Should Not Be
6. Lunatic Gods (Slovakia)-Phantom Lords
7. Nadir (New Zealand) -Trapped Under Ice
8. Moksha (India) -The Four Horsemen
9. Tearstained (Usa) -For Whom The Bell Tolls
10. Profance (Usa) –Ride The Lightning
11. Nukes (Usa) -Seek And Destroy
12. Skw (Italy) -For Whom The Bell Tolls-techno logical version

Disc 2: The Originals
13. Skw -Double
14. Pwr -Play The Game
15. Blackened -The Eye Of The Observer
16. Mystic Force -Identical Strangers
17. S.N.P. -Excess
18. Lunatic Gods -Sitting By the Fire
19. Nadir -With Fury
20. Moksha -Dine With The Devil
21. Tearstained -Suicide Pact
22. Profane -I Am All
23. Nukes -Sunflower

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