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Metallica -Some Kind Of Monster dvd


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Swedish edition with Swedish subtitles and Swedish cover artwork

Featuring the most successful heavy metal band of all time, Metallica. Some Kind Of Monster offers a revealing and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the legendary band as they confront personal demons and their relationships with each other while recording their Grammy-winning album, St. Anger. The bonus features included in this two-disc set are well worth the time and attention of any fan of Metallica or filmmakers Sinofsky/Berlinger. It contains 40 additional scenes, and while the film itself doesn’t suffer for their absence, there are interesting perspectives to be gained. Standouts include James reminiscing about his difficult childhood, a Hawaiian-themed birthday party for Kirk, and a look at Lars’s childhood haunts in Copenhagen. There are also scenes of the band promoting the film at various festivals, a music video (mostly comprised of footage from the movie), two trailers, post-film interviews with Metallica, and a thorough directors commentary describing the hurdles this movie jumped on its way to the big screen. The band commentary track is a touch slow to get cooking, but the boys have already revealed so much that one can hardly blame them for having little left to say.

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