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Metallica -The Destroyer dvd


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Metallica recorded live during their Nowhere Else To Roam tour at St.Jakobs Stadion in Basel, Switzerland on the 20th of June 1993 (with The Cult and Suicidal Tendencies as opening acts). The Destroyer is made from the original master tape and it has some small patches of disturbance so do not try to adjust your TV set. The dvd is an amazing multi-cam/pro-shot video that indeed does have patches of disturbance. They are scattered throughout the tape source and aren’t horrible, just slightly annoying as the video is really fantastic.There seems to be no fewer than 6 cameras fully utilized to cover the shows, even inside the Snakepit for the ultimate close-ups. So, this isn’t a pristine print but highly enjoyable and the audio is absolutely superb. That’s really the key here. Having said that, it is a rather sterile affair because there is virtually no audience sound picked up at all – which is quite amazing to me. Usually you get a little of it picked up by the mics onstage but not in this case. It’s a very robust and wonderfully mixed show.The band is in great spirits in this outdoor venue in Basel and the crowd is responsive but not as insane as some of the other shows.

Track list:
1. The Ecstasy Of Gold
2. Creeping Death
3. Harvester Of Sorrow
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Of Wolf And Man
6. Wherever I May Roam
7. The Thing That Should Not Be
8. The Unforgiven
9. Disposable Heroes
10. Bass Solo -Jason Newsted
11. Orion
12. To Live Is To Die
13. The Call Of Ktulu
14. Guitar Solo -Kirk Hammett
15. Four Horsemen
16. For Whom The Bell Tolls
17. Fade To Black
18. Master Of Puppets
19. Seek And Destroy
20. Battery

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