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Metalucifer ‎–Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Japanese Samurai) cd


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2016 cd release of the Japanese version with Gezol on vocals an songs sung in Japanese. Comes with two bonus tracks and a printed OBI-strip like insert in cd size

This is the third full-length album from Metalucifer, a Japanese band playing — you guessed it! — heavy metal. This record was released in three different versions: an English language version with a German line-up headed by Blumi from Metal Inquisitor and two different versions (Japanese and English lyrics) with the Japanese line-up. I must admit that I skipped the German version, though. To me, it ain’t Metalucifer if it doesn’t have Gezol on vocals, sorry! Between the Japanese and English versions, I strongly recommend the former — Gezol is naturally more comfortable with his native language, and these songs have much greater vocal range as a result. It has been eight years since the last Metalucifer album, and Heavy Metal Bulldozer is more than worth the wait. These songs are easily as good as almost anything from H.M. Drill or even their best, H.M. Chainsaw! For the most part, the songs on this record are a little slower than before, packed with mid-paced NWOBHM feeling, but songs like “Heavy Metal Battleaxe” and “Heavy Metal Bulldozer” will satisfy those looking for another “Flight of Iron Pegasus”. In fact, there’s a ton of variety on this record, up to and including a ballad in “Heavy Metal Mountain”. My personal favorite, “Heavy Metal Demons”, even has a bit of a Sabbat sound to it! The best part is that every single song is catchy and memorable; this record is stuffed with soon-to-be-classic examples of the Metalucifer sound. I don’t think there’s even so much as a nanosecond of filler here. Fans of NWOBHM-era bands like Saxon and Angel Witch ought to get Heavy Metal Bulldozer; so should people into Japanese bands like Sabbat, Gorgon, and Magnesium… and so should you, yes, you! Nobody who likes riffs, solos, and HEAVY fuckin’ METAL could possibly be disappointed by this record!

Track listing:
1. Heavy Metal Ironfists
2. Heavy Metal Bulldozer
3. Heavy Metal Battleaxe
4. Heavy Metal Warriors
5. Heavy Metal Highway Rider
6. Heavy Metal Mountain
7. Heavy Metal Wings of Steel
8. Heavy Metal Ambition
9. Heavy Metalucifer
10. Heavy Metal Demons
11. Heavy Metal Battleaxe
12. Heavy Metal Ambition

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