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Metalucifer -Heavy Metal Chainsaw cd [european]


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European version with Northern Heroes and Heavy Metal Revolution that aren’t available on the US version.

Metalucifer was formed in 1995 in Kuwana (Japan), as a project of Gezol (here as Gezolucifer also frontman of the legendary band Sabbat). Metalucifers music very traditional and very emotional heavy metal inspired by Nwobhm and 80s euro metal in general. The band name was taken from the Sabbat track Metalucifer And Evilucifer (from Evoke), and the meaning is King In Heavy Metal Hell. Metalucifers band mascot that appears on most Metalucifer covers are Neal Tanaka one of the worlds most famous heavy metal collectors. Their second full length album Heavy Metal Chainsaw wasn’t released until Augusti 2001 due to Gezols involvement with other bands. Heavy Metal Chainsaw shows that Metalucifer still has the sound thats similar to the NWOBHM heroes Iron Maiden, Angel Witch and Saxon. Lots of amazingly emotional guitars (of course twin guitars) the way it was supposed to sound about 20 years ago. The rhythm section isn’t that bad either, the drumming varied and ass kicking, but the bass is a little to low in the mix taste, though played well. From the funny intro of Heavy Metal Chainsaw to the closing Lost Sanctuary there are no low marks, it’ll keep you interested all the way through, many, many times.

Track list:
1. Heavy Metal Chainsaw
2. Flight Of Iron Pegasus
3. Warriors Ride On The Chariots
4. Heavy Metal Samurai
5. Northern Heroes
6. Heavy Metal Revolution
7. Metalucifer (Zwei)
8. Lost Sanctuary

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Iron Pegasus

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