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Metsatöll -Karjajuht lp [red]


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Red vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Metsatöll is a folk metal act from Tallin, Estonia that has been going since February 1999. The name “Metsatöll” is an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf. The band has released a couple of albums and they signed to Spinefarm in 2010 before the release of their fourth album, Äio, a label that seemed like the perfect place for the band. However Äio was much like the Estonian quartet’s earlier albums it never made any big impression on me and I’m not sure why. Their sixth studio album, Karjajuht, was released in 2014 and its with this album that they finally got things right. Their music sounds like a marriage between some aspects of Arkona, Korpiklaani and Finntroll with good vocals, excellent riffs and strong rhythmic basis. Metsatöll has done very well to carve out a lively and at times epic album that’s very fun to listen to and it could be one of the best folk metal albums of 2014. Its definitely their best album to date so if you haven’t already introduced yourself to Metsatöll then I suggest you start here

Track list:
1. Kulmking
2. Lööme Mesti
3. See On See Maa
4. Must Hunt
5. Terasest Taotud Maa
6. Öö
7. Tõrrede Kõhtudes
8. Metsalase Veri
9. Surmamüür
10. Mullast
11. Karjajuht
12. Talisman

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