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Mezzrow -Summon Thy Demons lp [marbled]


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Invisible red/blue marbled vinyl. Limited 500 copies

The Swedish Thrash Metal legend Mezzrow celebrates an impressive return with their 2023 comeback album Summon Thy Demons. Mezzrow from Nykoping was the closest thing Sweden ever came to a Bay Area band. The style of the bands 1990 album, Then Came The Killing, is very close to Testament. The production is laudably heavy with emphasis on guitars and strong, powerful vocals. Each track is brimming with chugging riffs, punctuated with nice leads and some Vio-Lence style chorus shouts from time to time. It is certainly interesting to hear this sound coming out of Sweden, as the band would easily merge seamlessly into the swathe of American thrash bands that pursued polished, catchy thrash metal. In 2021, Mezzrow rose like a Phoenix from the ashes when bassist Conny Welen (ex- Hexenhaus) and vocalist Uffe Pettersson (ex-Rosicrucian) decided to make a new mark in the thrash metal world of today. Together with the new guitarists Magnus Soderman (Nightrage) and Ronnie Bjornstrom (ex-Defiatory, ex-Aeon) new killer songs were written, which are pure Thrash Metal of the top class.

Track list:
1. King Of The Infinite Void
2. Through The Eyes Of The Ancient Gods
3. Summon Thy Demons
4. What Is Dead May Never Die
5. De Mysteriis Inmortui
6. Beneath The Sea Of Silence
7. On Earth As In Hell
8. Blackness Fell Upon The World
9. Dark Spirit Rising
10. The End Of Everything

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