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Mezzrow -Then Came The Killing lp [splatter]


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2022 press on red and black splatter vinyl with lyric insert

Mezzrow from Nykoping was the closest thing Sweden ever came to a Bay Area band. The style of the bands only album, ‘Then Came The Killing’, is very close to Testament. The production is laudably heavy with emphasis on guitars and strong, powerful vocals. Each track is brimming with chugging riffs, punctuated with nice leads and some Vio-Lence style chorus shouts from time to time. It is certainly interesting to hear this sound coming out of Sweden, as the band would easily merge seamlessly into the swathe of American thrash bands that pursued polished, catchy thrash metal. As for song writing, it can be best described as consistent – songs are based on some rather basic but effective riffs with no particularly good or bad points. The tracks are admittedly a bit samey for a full-length album, but on the other hand this just makes the album sound more focused and better on the whole. Like said, the production is very good and fitting for this kind of music and helps the result quite a lot. Then Came The Killing is a reasonably solid and heavy thrash metal album.

Track list:
1. Then Came the Killing
2. Ancient Terror
3. The Final Holocaust
4. Frozen Soul
5. Distant Death
6. Prevention Necessary
7. Where Death Begins
8. The Cross Of Torment
9. Inner Devastation

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HHR 2022-03