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Mgla -Mdlosci/Further Down The Nest lp


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Black vinyl featuring two early 7 with the band. With lyric insert

Hands down, this is the quintessential modern black metal listening experience, as it encompasses and codifies the genre’s base elements into a cohesive whole. Sonically, its nature is of the raw and melodic, like true black metal should be, and yet, it is stiflingly oppressive in its framework… all the while maintaining a dismal, but haunting, atmosphere. And that is why Mdlosci succeeds; M purifies the best of what black metal currently has to offer, much like a Scotch single malt pot still, and then ages it the in charred oak cask of black metal’s past. M has also managed to evoke the glory of a militant, imperialist march ensnared in the jaws of the fiercest violence and misanthropic blood-lust without the failing of sounding overtly contrived or self-indulgent. Perhaps this is as close to perfection as any one black metal release can get, in my opinion, and I suppose it makes sense that only 4 tracks are to be found here. The reason for this is that Mdlosci Further Down the Nest is a compilation album that represents two brilliant, albeit short, previously released vinyl EPs. From a more detailed perspective, the music might be better described through a breakdown of its components. To start, M’s incredibly acerbic vocals power through the oppressive wall of sound when the man has a point to make, and supports the music on a perfectly balanced, even mix otherwise. Guitars are brilliantly melodic, accentuated with wide gamut of emotions that, at times, evoke a morose and melancholic mood, while maintaining an air of pride, indignation, and dread throughout. A triumph of one keen mind’s individualistic, existential nightmare that could be best described as a true “hell on earth”. A better production value couldn’t have been used here; the vocals come out in front, slightly ahead of the percussion and guitar. The drumming, courtesy of the adroit Darkside, remains faithful to the inherent nature of the music only thundering through with moderate blasting, and other extreme or excessive displays, when absolutely called for. This further clinches the tension already set in place by M’s compositional groundwork, which, from a superficial vantage point, may seem a bit simplistic or minimalist. The arrangements are slowly propagated through an expression of recurring elements… lead rhythms and moody chords generate themselves over in hypnotic fashion via recursive phrases before making their destination evident through small, logical permutations. All the while, the dynamics of the percussive and vocal elements take a decisive and driving hold, counter pointing M’s melancholic and majestic guitar work, whilst building to a steady, rousing crescendo. Passages become more pronounced, and intense, which each passing period… eventually leaving the listener mesmerized by the smouldering embers in its aftermath, or confused and bewildered by their lack of vision. Not that it really has to be noted, but Mgla simply levels the playing field for most black metal music held against it with this offering (yeah, the consummation of all the instruments, and in turn the final result, is that good). If you have even the slightest urge to find out what real modern black metal is all about, look no further than this album

Track listing:
1. Mdlosci I-Mdlosci 2006 EP
2. Mdlosci II-Mdlosci 2006 EP
3. Further Down the Nest I-Further Down The Nest 2007 EP
4. Further Down the Nest II-Further Down The Nest 2007 EP

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