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Miasmal -Tides Of Omniscience lp


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Black vinyl edition with poster and the entire album on cd as bonus

Gothenburg-based Miasmal third studio album, Tides Of Omniscience, features 10-tracks of inexorable and absolute death metal. This is the logical follow-up to Miasmal much lauded 2014 achievement Cursed Redeemer, adding an extra portion of doom-laden melodies and hook-filled riffs as well as an overall eerie atmosphere. The beautiful cover artwork was again done the talented Mr. Mattias Frisk who did the cover for Miasmals previous albums as well as artwork for bands such as Vanhelgd, Vampire, Sacral Rage, Ghost and others.

Track listing:
1. Axiom
2. Deception
3. The Pilgrimage
4. Venomous Harvest
5. Perserverance
6. Key To Eternity
7. Earthbound
8. Dark Waters
9. Fear The New Flesh
10. The Shifting Of Stars

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