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Mickey Ratt ‎–Ratt Era The Best Of lp [pink]


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Pink vinyl

Mickey Ratt was an early 70s version of the Los Angeles band Ratt that featured former Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy. When Stephen Pearcy wanted to go back and jamming on hits from Ratt and wanted to avoid legal trouble he used his old original band name Mickey Ratt instead. Mr Pearcy teamed up with a backing band and added some cameo appearances by 80s shredders George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns). All of the finest hits from the 80s are represented here: Round And Round, Lovin You Is A Dirty Job and You’re In Love all appear here in fine form. These are re-recordings, so the digital age has polished the sound up a bit and gives the song a bit of a coating of shine. Ratt fans would probably be interested to hear these sonically updated versions

Track list:
1. Round And Round-with George Lynch
2. You Think You’re Tough
3. U Got It
4. Sweet Cheater
5. Lack Of Communication
6. Lay it Down-with Tracii Guns
7. You’re In Love
8. Back for More-with Tracii Guns
9. I’m Insane-with George Lynch
10. Dr. Rock-with George Lynch
11. Drivin On E-with George Lynch
12. Top Secret-with George Lynch

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