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Midnight Chaser -Rough And Tough cd


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Do you remember the early 80s of NWOBHM? Here we have a band that will take you almost three decades back. Midnight Chaser comes from the California, San Francisco, U.S.A. and they are playing classic Heavy Metal that is basically equal to the early British type. ‘Rough And Tough’ is their first full length album following their debut EP entitled ‘Midnight Chaser’. The first track called ‘Awesome Party’ implies on what comes next. ‘Out On Your Shield’, ‘Rough And Tough’ and ‘Swords For Hire’ will throw you into the pit and believe me that you won’t dump your air guitar. Next tracks ‘Cougar’d’, ‘Hotshot’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Who Dares Wins’ finish an excellent traditional Metal album. Just imagine Diamond Head and Budgie with a bit of freewheeling attitude and you have got yourself a Midnight Chaser. They also will remind you Judas priests ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ and ‘Defenders Of The Faith’. If you have missed those garage days of Heavy Metal, you must check them out. It is a very good debut album

Track listing:
1. Awesome Party
2. Out On Your Shield
3. Rough and Tough
4. Swords For Hire
5. Cougar’d
6. Hotshot
7. Dynamite
8. Earthquake
9. Who Dares Wins

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