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Midnight Spell ‎–Sky Destroyer MC


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Official music cassette. Limited 100 copies

Born amidst the Miami underground comes Midnight Spell, an unrelenting force of pure heavy metal in its truest form. Founded in 2017, Midnight Spell was created to carry the torch of real heavy metal and push the boundaries of the genre to its limits. Featuring varied songwriting from straight-forward ragers to catchy, more melodic compositions, through pounding drums, masterful guitar solos, and soaring vocals, the quintet strives to be nothing less than the full package of what a heavy metal band should be. Following the release of the demo, Between The Eyes, the band is now ready to take their sound to the next level with their first full length album, Sky Destroyer.

Track list:
1. Blood For Blood
2. Between The Eyes
3. Lady Of The Moonlight
4. Midnight Ride
5. Mercy
6. Sky Rider
7. Cemetery Queen
8. To The Stars
9. Headbang Til Death

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Iron Oxide Records

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