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Midsommar -Belsebub Ar Los cd


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Midsommar (midsummer) is one of the most cherished holidays in Sweden and many people celebrate the midsummer night out in the country. We eat and drink traditional food. Celebration often starts in the afternoon and continues until early the next morning. Midsommar were also a Swedish progressive hard rock act and one of the first Swedish rock bands to sing in Swedish. Their name seems highly appropriate as their lyrics often deal with topics closely connected with Swedish traditions, sometimes in relation to the so called progress of modern times. Nature, traditions and life in the old days are common subjects. The lyrics are political in a broader sense in pointing out the flaws of modern society, but they’re kept in a general mode so just anybody suspicious of greed, commercialism and environmental issues can agree with them. Midsommars debut album Belsebub Ar Los (Belsebub is loose) is without doubt their best album as their second one has a much softer folk rock sound. This is a heavy album with some wild guitar work interwoven with blistering vocals and great saxophone work by Reg Ward. Belsebub Ar Los is one of the earliest examples of rock music with Swedish lyrics and a damn fine one too. The band disappeared after two albums but many of the members continued in the music business. Hans Edler released an album with Jukebok on his Marilla records in 1975 with three of the Midsommar members present. Organist Dan Pihl started to produce other acts. Saxophone player Reg Ward later joined for instance Dimmornas Bro, Morbyligan and Magnus Uggla for session work. He also teamed up with Ulf Lundell on his Nature backed live album Natten hade varit mild och om recorded in 1976. Drummer Peder Sundahl went on to join Roadwork, the backing group for Jerry Williams. If youre into Asoka and November then check this out.

Track listing:
1. Belsebub Ar Los
2. Pa En Strand
3. Drommens Varld
4. Jag Vill
5. Midsommar
6. Staden
7. Fantomen
8. Till Morsan

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