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Mike Tramp ‎–Stray From The Flock MC


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Danish pressed music cassette. Red cassette with paper label

“Why do you write another song when you’ve already written 500? Where do you find passion when you’ve done it all, and what is the point to record and release and new album, in a time when nothing is like it once was. I tell you why! Because it is who I am and it is what I do. I am a singer, I am a songwriter and I am a rock’n’roller. I have said this before and say it again. I am a torchbearer of my musical heroes. The seed they planted in me keeps growing and I keep going on and on”. – Mike Tramp, January 2019

Indeed this album (solo album number 11) sees Mike step into that wonderful land where he seems to have found the percent balance between the echoes of the past and his more stripped back recent outings. This is an album that feels comfortable and honest, effortless and free-flowing. It’s an album that isn’t under any pressure to be anything other than Mike Tramp and isn’t afraid to take what he’s learnt on every part of that journey. Mike Tramp in 2019 is bolder and stronger than ever.

Track list:
1. No End To War
2. Dead End Ride
3. Homesick
4. You Ain’t Free Anymore
5. No Closure
6. One Last Mission
7. Live It Out
8. Messiah
9. Best Days Of My Life
10. Die With A Smile On Your Face

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Mighty Music Records / Target Records

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