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Mimikry/Hjalle Östman -Som En Novell 7″ [Bundle Deal]


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Bundle deal. This Mimikry item and the Mimikry vocalist Hjalle Östman’s solo album on cd for a special price

In 2017 Mimikry took the option to record a few songs at a time and then release a single, instead of recording 12-14 songs and then releasing an album when all was donel, All these 2017 singles then became the album Grit, released in 2018. Jump forward to 2020 and the band have deceided to do the same again. 12 single releases under one year. This is the June release, number 6 of 12.

Track list:
1. Som En Novell
2. Apornas Planet (Covid:19)

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Krypton Records

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