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Mindless Sinner -Master Of Evil cd


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2015 re-issue with 11 bonus tracks. Limited 1000 copies

Mindless Sinner is a largely forgotten act that churned out small amount of dominating heavy metal before vanishing, almost unnoticed. From day naught, this EP will kick you in the behind, with a display of no frills, no candy-ass BS, blue collar sounding assertive, corrosive traditional metal. While usually hailed in modern times for their killer full-length, this EP right here is worthy of its own praise and should be sought out by fans of the rarer 80s metal, particularly those of discriminating tastes that only care for the upper stratum of materials you’ve found it. The ballsy little affair will leave your ass kicked, ears molested, and your little brain wondering What the fuck just happened? Answer, you’ve been dominated. As I say, from the outset, this one grabs you by the scruff of the neck and slaps the piss outta you. Broken Freedom features heavy riffs and showcases the awesome, booming and authoritative baritone of Christer Goransson. Guitars come through nice and strong, in what is a surprisingly decent recording out of 1983 Sweden. Key of Fortune destroys everything left in the aftermath of said opener however. Again riffs are brilliantly tough with the intro sounding like something off Omens masterpiece of toughness Battle Cry. I love the fast pace on this one, and again Goransson slays, with his rather deep, booming voice. The backup vocal harmonies are absolutely killer, especially at this pace and the harmony is one of the better executed ones I’ve come across. By the time you get to the highly memorable Master of Evil, there’s nothing left to destroy. Mindless Sinners first two cuts have already left you bloody and battered, but they have two more gut-kicks to deliver in the form of the slower Master of Evil, and the atmospheric galloper Screaming for Mercy. The former with a patented chorus that will etch itself in your brain, and Goranssons enthused vocals which will send shivers down your spine, while the NWOBHMish battle hardened closer features some cool imagery and the low baritones of Goransson nailing into your skull. Full credit to the very apt guitar lead section in this one, which just feels to fit in so perfectly, more so than most. In this one we hark back to Omen again, as well as carrying on the dark feel of things in an almost Desolation Angels fashion. An album which kicks about as much ass as is possible in 18 minutes, this one I would consider essential for any collectors of the 80s stuff. This band comes off as directed, focused and very sure of themselves, producing an ass-whooping here that I think is easily among the best records from Sweden I’ve ever heard. You’ll find yourself listening to this one frequently, and just screaming for more fortunately the band found the energy to get a full length out also, that kicks ass. Do yourself a favor and check out how heavy metal should be made.

Track listing:
1. Broken Freedom-remastered version
2. Key Of Fortune-remastered version
3. Master Of Evil-remastered version
4. Screaming For Mercy-remastered version
5. Broken Freedom-original vinyl version
6. Key Of Fortune-original vinyl version
7. Master Of Evil-original vinyl version
8. Screaming For Mercy-original vinyl version
9. Broken Freedom-alternative version
10. Key Of Fortune-alternative version
11. Master Of Evil-alternative version
12. Screaming For Mercy-alternative version
13. Broken Freedom-live version
14. Key Of Fortune-live version
15. Master Of Evil-live version
16. Screaming For Mercy-live version

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