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Misery Index ‎–Retaliate cd [promo]


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German cd promo in promo paper sleeve.

How often do you meet a band that ties together brilliant songwriting, flawless technique, mad intensity and a though-provoking lyrical content to boost? When it comes to extreme metal, it’s really difficult to find the complete package. Maybe that’s why Retaliate by Misery Index is such an important album. It shows that the impossible is sometimes just a headbang away…. Misery Index isn’t your average death metal or grindcore band. This is violent music driven to the edge of perfection. To put it simple – these guys deliver all the goods and more. In 2003 the band already started working on the material for their first full-length album, in the meantime putting out a split with Structure of Lies. Finally, on August 23rd, Misery Index released their official debut LP – Retaliate – on Nuclear Blast Records. Introducing 10 tracks of pure devastation, it quickly became one of the most intense and extreme metal albums of the year. Inspired by diehard metal heroes such as Napalm Death, Carcass, Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Obituary, Extreme Noise Terror and even the black-metal influences of Mayhem and Emperor, Misery Index brilliantly combined death metal heaviness with grindcore intensity, delivering one of the finest mixtures in the history of extreme music. With crushing guitar work, insane drumming and harsh, straight-forward vocals, this album was easily an all killer, no filler offering – strong, uncompromising and merciless. But Misery Index is not just about sound terrorism. Although the music comes first, lyrics are a close second. The lyrical content on Retaliate is one of the strongest points of the entire release, focusing on mature topics ranging from war to politics, the government and social issues. “Retaliate” turned out to be a great success for the band, with enthusiastic reviews in the press and warm reception on the metal scene. To put it simple, both the critics and fans loved it.

Track list:
1. Retaliate
2. The Lies That Bind
3. The Great Depression
4. Angst Isst Die Seele Auf
5. Demand The Impossible
6. Order Upheld / Dissent Dissolved
7. Servants Of Progress
8. The Unbridgeable Chasm
9. Bottom Feeders
10. History Is Rotten
11. Birth Of Ignorance-Brutal Truth cover

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