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Misfits -Friday The 13th mlp


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Black vinyl and printed innersleeve.

Each incarnation of Misfits sounds like their own band. 3 different singers and it has sounded like 3 different bands. With this EP youre not getting anything that sounds like Danzig or Michale Graves. So if you have liked Devils Rain and Jerry Onlys sother stuff then go ahead and pick this up for your collection. The idea of Misfits tackling two of the 80’s most iconic Horror slashers in Jason and Freddy sounds like an awesome idea however they feel a bit cheesy and comes out ok at best. The other two tracks; Lazer Eye and Mad Monster Party however sounds better. They are fun, gut punches and creeps back into your mind all the time because they are so flipping catchy. Maybe you could even rank them among the best of the Only era. Overall the sound is very crisp and clean and Jerry’s songwriting is tight. So far the EPs that has been released has outshined the Devil Rain album so hopefully we’ll get a full length album with qualities like this

Track list:
1. Friday The 13th
2. Nightmare On Elm Street
3. Laser Eye
4. Mad Monster Party

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