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Mistweaver -Swansong cd


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Seemingly risen from the dead after breaking up in 2017, Spanish melodic death metal masters Mistweaver made a grand return with Swansong in 2021, which cements their well-deserved place among the finest practitioners of this now well-populated genre. By their own admission, originally starting as a death/doom outfit, Mistweaver have come a long way since their inception back in 1997. A lot of growth and maturity has taken place and the cumulative effect of this is evident in an album that would have been a natural fit in the 90s melodic death metal scene and has certainly lost none of its potency. It’s truly a wonderful thing that this group got back together to do this album, for what an achievement it is! This release deserves a place among the premier acts representing contemporary melodic death metal – they are worthy practitioners to take up the torch of a new generation. I salute you, gentlemen!

Track list:
1. At The Gates Of Beyond
2. Unhallowed Ground
3. Suicide
4. The Death Came To Me
5. The Forest Of Lost Souls
6. Swansong
7. Deathbound
8. Echoes From The Past
9. Embraced By The Cold Darkness
10. Beyond Deaths Thresholds
11. Afterlife

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