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Mjod -The Ash Of Times cd


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In February of 2017 the Russian band Mjød released their debut EP, First Blood. If you compare the 5 tracks from that EP with the music on their full length album, The Ashes Of Time, released in October the same year, its hard to think its the same band. A lot has happened during these months and the band has evolved into a full fledged folk act with bagpipes and flute, think of acts such as Varang Nord, Oprich and Grimner. The lyrics is in Russian and are sung with both clean and death growls. The Ashes Of Time has a balance of bite and clarity with crunchy bass and guitar, punchy drums and natural sounding folk instrumentation. Some of the guitar riffs has been exchanged for bagpipe riffs so i guess this album really comes down to if you love bagpipes or not. So if you do think bagpipes spice up your metal music then Mjod has delivered a solid album worth checking out

Track list:
1. The Song Of War
2. The Halls Of The Wild Water
3. The Feast Of Trolls
4. The Ash Of Times
5. Death Of Gods
6. Survived
7. The Drink Of Redhaired As
8. Abode Of The Dead
9. Warrior
10. Heil, Odin!

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