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Mojo Magazine # 172 [March 2008]


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Special import. Q and Mojo magazine could possibly be the best rock magazines ever produced. The Mojo magazine is an English magazine that mostly covers 60s and 70s bands but will also throw in any good new bands. It has very detailed main articles and also features music news, record reviews, discographies, bios etc…It also has tons of the best unpublished photos. A must for the collector.

This issue has 156 pages written in English and features a 12 page article about The Smiths, 5 pages about Gary Numan – The clinical architect of dystopic ’80s robopop talks Asperger’s, alienation, overnight stardom and trains and boats and planes. 6 pages about Ike Turner – In death as in life, music revolutionary Ike Turner was vilified. Mojo’s Mike Hutt and Andria Lisle, a former working associate of Turner’s, set the record straight. 7 pages about Wu-Tang Clan, 8 pages about Kris Kristofferson, 12 pagse about Indie Top 50 and smaller articles about Vinicious Cantuaria, The Verve, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Difford, The B-52s and 2 pages with The Diamond Hoo Ha Men. Highly recommended to pop and rock lovers