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Mojo Magazine # 176 [July 2008]


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Special import. Q and Mojo magazine could possibly be the best rock magazines ever produced. The Mojo magazine is an English magazine that mostly covers 60s and 70s bands but will also throw in any good new bands. It has very detailed main articles and also features music news, record reviews, discographies, bios etc…It also has tons of the best unpublished photos. A must for the collector.

This issue has 156 pages written in English and features an amazing Sex Pistorls article. Take the greatest punk rock band of all-time and interview them individually. The result? Four versions of the Sex Pistols story. Also Neil Diamond, The misunderstood, solitary man of American song, the existentialist in the sequined jumpsuit is back on top. “Nothing about me has ever been cool,” he tells Sylvie Simmons (7 pages), Foals Mark Paytress meets the snotty art-school math-funksters who are gleefully widening the generation gap (4 pages). How did New York clubland’s zoot-suited wiseguy end up the UK chart star of the mid-’80s? Kris Needs looks back on the extraordinary career of August Darnell and Kid Creole (6 pages). Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart were the childhood friends who created some of the most gloriously out-there music of the 1960s and united to create the masterpiece that was Trout Mask Replica, but the real relationship between Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart was one of envy, admiration, jealousy, arrogance and paranoia (8 pages). Kiss obnoxious but proud demon-tongue Gene Simmons on dollars, marriage and make-up (1 page). Also articles about Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobious Pipo, Guy Garvey, Hawkwind, Sam Amidon, Steve Miller, Gong and the usual gig and album reviews. Highly recommended to pop and rock lovers