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Moloch -The Vatican Cellars dcd


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Still sealed double cd in digipak

Dungeon Synth is a genre that might have been born with the early Mortiis recordings. The slow, dark and haunting synth work with lots of melodic undertones and a dark atmosphere creates a genre that can be eerie and yet beautiful and mesmerizing, but its sure not for everyone. Moloch’s compilation album features the previous two full length releases, Withering Hopes and Onoskelis, along with the Yog-Sothoth EP and some never before released tracks written and recorded between 2004 and 2011. The Vatican Cellars has a sinister, if borderline pompous, air to it. Terrifying sweeping 80s synths that shows that the musical direction Moloch has ventured in owes such a debt to the world of Giallo horror and B Movies. If we grant ourselves two and a quarter hours to disappear into the cinematic world that this Polish musician has created, what might lurk there? It seems impossible not to evoke the red lit creations of Bava, Argento, and Fulci as dramatic synth chords careen against eerie bass. You should give this massive compilation a few good spins and let it get into your psyche as theres something very very evil lurking beneath St Peters Square

Track list:
1. Intraluminal
2. Withering Hopes
3. Enochian Lamentations
4. Wallachia
5. Intermezzo
6. Vatican Cellars
7. Innocence Fatigued
8. Oneirology
9. Sorrowful Morning
10. The Inexorable End
11. Behind The Courtains Of Night
12. Moonlight
13. At The Break Of Dawn-part I
14. At The Break Of Dawn-part II
15. Le Stigmate Polonais(e)
16. The Violator
17. Magma
18. Waters Of Styx
19. In Nomine Noctis
20. Hallucinations
21. Beyond Good And Evil
22. Onoskelis
23. Labyrinths Of Zin
24. The Green Fairy
25. Intoxicated Heart
26. Asphodel Meadows
27. De Profundis
28. Adieu, Monde Cruel
29. In Articulo Mortis
30. From Beyond
31. Yog-Sothoth
32. Immolation
33. Abnormal Ones Come
34. The Funeral Of Humanity
35. Ex oblivione
36. At The Gates

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