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Monstrosity -Millennium cd


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Reduced price due to cd having several hairline marks

Rare 2002 pressing

Monstrosity’s second album delves into several dimensions very rarely experimented with before. Were ‘Imperial Doom’, their first album had induced a truly original and brutal, but awkwardly intelligent material, ‘Millennium’ further experiences the evocatively destructive nature of this genre, propelled by virtuosity and philosophical vividness. The album is poignant in all its forms, the production are reasonable although one can benefit from more bass playing, which is reminiscent of quality death metal sometimes. These musicians are very comprehensive, they know what they want and thus their sound isn’t the usual technical pretentiousness witnessed by bands such as Necrophagist or Pyscroptic, but although less dexterity put into this work, there is plenty of room for instrumental technicality aided by awesome feeling of each instrument. The structure of each track is layered out uniquely; sometimes you might get the idea that these musicians are trying to test their artistic creativeness by incorporating a lot of different techniques. The riffs are layered out progressively, although at times usually never reach a climax, preferring to stay at an intense comfort zone helped by the incredibly powerful singing of the now sell out George Fischer. Drums are what make this album true old school death metal; there is a reasonable amount of skill injected into this material, although some of it is a reflection of how powerful sometimes the most basic drum lines can be without the need to create something uberfast or very spontaneous by nature. Monstrosity also help define melody, their theoretical knowledge is apparent as sometimes this music is a bit like Dream Theatre, although to a more educated level of a spiritual acknowledgement of the music rather than a static one. The guitar solos are extremely soothing most of the time, with a lot of Eddie Van Halen touches. Demonstrating again, that extreme metal could be derived from almost anything which has potential.

Track listing:
1. Fatal Millenium
2. Devious Instinct
3. Manic
4. Dream Messiah
5. Fragments Of Resolution
6. Manipulation Strain
7. Slaves And Masters
8. Mirrors Of Reason
9. Stormwinds
10. Seize Of Change

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CM 2 2936 / CM 9301