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Monstrous –World Under Siege cd


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Ruthless brutal death metal attack with a technical finesse that puts your jaw on the ground. The Swedish troupe Monstrous open portals to new mark shattering dimensions through unholy riffs, unbelievable drumming and meanest vocals. Monstrous sound on World Under Siege the most brutal corners of the spectrum. Songs like The End Undone, The Sour Earth and The Rise Of Vermin are straight-lined glimpses into the madness and abysses of death metal. Featuring Rogga Johansson of Paganizer fame

Track list:
1. Crawling Through Ruins
2. The End Undone
3. World Under Siege
4. The Obscured sky
5. Plague Hunter
6. Biohazardous
7. The Sour Earth
8. Humanity / Destructor
9. The Rise Of Vermin
10. Armageddon Dawn

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MB 132