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Monsula ‎–Sanitized lp


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Along with the likes of Jawbreaker and Cringer, Monsula helped define the East Bay pop-punk sound during the early ’90s: the songs are complex, mature and none of this three-chord bone-headed, brainless song structure that this genre is always stereotyped as. Monsula will have none of that. Rather, these guys have more of a mid-’80s D.C. hardcore influence with such names as Rites of Spring, Embrace, Dag Nasty and Fugazi. With inspirations such as those, Sanitized has more of a level-headed perspective on the world around them. Lyrics on the title track that start off with “Say we could live without leaders/Where would all the corruption go/Say we should rise above our standards/Do you think we could bear the load?” clearly demonstrates this.

Track list
1. Down Inside
2. Ocean Walked
3. Sanitized
4. Starch
5. Pound
6. I See
7. Grow
8. We Need
9. Two
10. Wither
11. Meant For You
12. Concession

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