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Moonspell ‎–Sin Pecado lp/7″


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2019 re-issue on colored vinyl with bonus single and gatefold cover

Moonspell seem to have come to a deeper understanding of what music can be, and are seeking to discover a vast array of deliveries and themes. They have broken through the boundaries of their original style into an all-embracing approach of past, present and future musical developments. It’s something to be applauded, at least for the attempt. Unfortunately, their attempts fail more than succeed on Sin Pecado. The band gets in over their heads on ‘Flesh’, ‘V.C. (Gloria Domini)’ and ‘EuroticA’. They are striving for a dark and passionate expression by merging their basic rock constructions with electronic ambience, yet these tracks suffer from lack of direction and overall emotional or atmospheric impact. Again, the attempt is to be appreciated but the results feels a bit mixed. However, the band do manage to come up with a handful of impressive and engaging works. An impassioned chorus and tasteful guitar leads drive ‘Abysmo’ over an uptempo foundation, a truly successful attempt to merge their dark atmospherics with traditional rock structure. ‘Mute’ and ‘Dekadance’ are both rewarded with lush keyboard atmospherics and strong vocal delivery by Fernando. ‘The Hanged Man’ is Moonspell allowing the music to breathe in a relaxed construction which places emphasis on moving guitar leads and Fernando’s passionate voice.

Track list:
1. Slow Down
2. Handmade God
3. Second Skin
4. Abysmo
5. Flesh
6. Magdalene
7. VC (Gloria Domini)
8. Eurotic A
9. Mute
10. Dekadance
11. Let The Children Cum To Me
12. The Hanged Man
13. 13

Vinyl single:
1. Magdamix
2. 3rd Skin-radio edit

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