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Morbid Angel -Gateways To Annihilation lp


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Black vinyl with insert

Gateways to Annihilation is a continuing statement of purpose from Morbid Angel: “We are an uncompromising death metal machine.” The disc isn’t a tremendous leap in style for the band, but is rather a refinement of their brutal craft. They sound like accomplished musicians throughout, creating a soundtrack of utter torment and famine. The group can blow heads off with their speed, as on “To the Victor the Spoils,” and also drag bodies through mid-tempo muck, exemplified on “At One With Nothing.” When the two approaches meet up, as on “Opening of the Gates,” the result is blistering. This track is particularly indicative of Morbid Angel’s strength of composition, rife with the sort of tight, intelligent dynamics that mark the album. And of course, lead player Trey Azagoth pushes the envelope all over the place, his trebly explorations of the astral plane offering relief from the band’s thuggish bottom-end. The creative and fierce Gateways to Annihilation is textbook Morbid Angel, another triumph for longtime fans and an excellent starting point for new listeners.

Track listing:
1. Kawazu
2. Summoning Redemption
3. Ageless Still I Am
4. He Who Sleeps
5. To The Victor The Spoils
6. At One With Nothing
7. Opening Of The Gates
8. Secured Limitations
9. Awakening
10. I
11. God Of The Forsaken

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