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Mordbrand ‎–Hymns Of The Rotten cd


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Swedish death metal act Mordbrand was formed in 2006 and and by the time the band released their No Life Split EP with Bombs Of Hades in 2012 it felt like they were one of the more interesting death metal units that the Swedish underground extreme scene had to offer. With veteran musicians from God Macabre it was no question that the quality of the band would be high. 10 years down the road the band decided it was time to release this compilation album that gathers all those early tracks that had been released on singles, split releases and compilations. With material spanning the years 2010 to 2015 you can hear how the band has evolved. Mordbrand mixes old school brutality, doom, death metal and d-beat madness into one skullcrushing blend of music.

Track list:
1. Order Of The Formless-from the split with Rite 2015
2. Failure Of The Paraclete-from the Vastation 7” 2015
3. Ashen Hollow-from the Vastation 7” 2015
4. Vredesdom-from Critical Mass vol 2 compilation 2015
5. Consume Them-from the Kolumbarium 7” 2012
6. Let Them Slumber-from the Kolumbarium 7” 2012
7. Idol Of The Abattoir-from the Bombs Of Hades split 2012
8. The Eternal Feast Of Annihilation-from the Bombs Of Hades split 2012
9. With Lidless Eyes-from the Bombs Of Hades split 2012
10. Chinese Graveyard-from the split with Evoke 2010
11. Nothing Left But Ashes-from the split with Evoke 2010
12. Lobotomy Gone Wrong-from the split with Evoke 2010
13. Unholy Ungodly-from the split with Evoke 2010

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