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Mörk Gryning ‎–Maelstrom Chaos lp [gold]


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Gold vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 100 copies

Maelstrom Chaos is one of those criminally overlooked album. The trio — comprised of Goth Gorgon (keyboards, guitars, lead/backing vocals), Draakh Kimera (drums, lead/backing vocals, guitars and keyboards) and Avatar (lead/rhythm guitars and backing vocals) — inspires a similar, but admittedly less potent tone, as The Abyss upon cursory listens. Subsequently, I’d have to say the wicked skillful guitar Mork Gryning employs invokes feelings of an In Flames or A Canorous Quintet meets Old Man’s Child. After harvesting exposure from greats like Dan Swano and Tomas Skogsberg on earlier efforts, Mork Gryning pushed forward into the grasp of unadulterated confusion with their newest effort Maelstrom Chaos. If you think you’ve heard it all, I’m sure this outfit can make a believer out of even the staunchest critic with the albums eleven excruciating tacks of bewilderment. Few will doubt Mork Gryning’s power on Maelstrom Chaos as they have a huge ability to mix speed and brutality with atmosphere and melody, something very difficult to achieve if you are not a capable musician, and here we have a top notch executed album. Maelstrom Chaos is truly breath-taking with which variety the members are approaching this musical sub-genre, from blistering speed to sacral over doomy metal, always on the highest level. Buy this album, sit back and you will have the pleasure yourself to discover which of these tracks that will become your favourite one

Track list:
1. A Perception Of The Ancient
2. Templars
3. Ont Blod
4. The Menace
5. Maelstrom Chaos
6. My Friends
7. The Darkness Within
8. Bloodspring Mirage
9. Forever Unhallowed Preponderance
10. Dödens Skald

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