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Mörk Gryning -S/t cd


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For this fifth and final album, the Stockholm, Sweden based black metal act expanded to a full outfit. By no longer being the two man band it always had been, the full line-up could write songs together that Mork Gryning never was capable of before. Only one of the key-members remained for this album, and Goth works well with the other individuals in the group. The guitarists have come up with some great riffs, and in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Crushing, pumping riffs! The real surprise though, is that even the slow and melodic parts work well. This is an issue that this band always has had problems with. Some stellar melodies are baked into the otherwise crunching music, and with great result. The drumming has never been performed better by this band either. The new drummer brings diversity into a whole new level for them. Take for instance the second opening to ‘The Aurora’, which with its bombastic rapid hits makes even the fastest, most technical drummer look like a paralyzed fish. There are plenty of opportunities for tempo changes and different patterning, and it seems the band has taken full use of them all. Mork Gryning is now history, and this final album contains way too many great songs to be thrown into the ‘mediocrity-box’. Thank you for everything, Mork Gryning.

Track listing:
1. Lazarus Rising
2. Ingen Dyrkan
3. The Sun
4. Into Oblivion
5. The Aurora
6. Pure
7. All Discarded
8. Disguise My Parting
9. Neverwhere-At The Gates Cover

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