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Morpheus -In The Arms Of lp [original/yellow/green]


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Mega rare original 1991 press on yellow/green splatter vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Morpheus returned, after the name change from Exhumed, with this limited mini album, released in 1991. The album opens with the fantastic No Mans Land. It begins with a relatively mid paced riff, but then the tempo fastens and brings into a proper death metal rotten energy. And then that fantastic melody came in the middle of the song, which I just love. For such melodies I love Swedish death metal. Among Others meanwhile attacks with some furious aggression and neck-braking playing, very similar to Excruciate for instance. I guess Swedish death metal hardly could have been any faster in these early days, really. The Third Reich 3797 A.C. is the most epic track here (with some spoken and sang vocal parts). It has a bit thrashing riffage here and there, but generally is little monotonous, as the riffs are simple and there aren’t any catchy parts in there, so I think it’s the most mediocre track on this EP. But the lyric about an Antichrist rising and starting his Third Reich, which destroys the world surely needs an attention he, he. Finally the final song, Thoughts of Distrust doesn’t really allow me to take a break as it invades my head with a cacophony of stabbing riffs. This track is similar to Among Others as it is equally fast and intense, you can be sure it won’t disappoint the fans of aggressive music. Finally that cannonade of riffs stops suddenly, so it almost seems like the world is also about to stop to exist (this is what Morpheus wrote about in their pessimistic lyrics anyway). Morpheus has to be recommended to any and every fan of Swedish death metal. This band can be easily putted together with the likes of Excruciate, Epitaph or even Carnage. The line-up on this record were Johan Bergeback (Black Trip, Necrophobic, Nifelheim, Dismember) on bass, Markus Ruden (Carbonized) on drums, Sebastian Ramstedt (Black Trip, Necrophobic, Nifelheim) on guitar and David Brink (Excruciate) on vocals.

Track listing:
1. No Mans Land
2. Among Others
3. The Third Reich 3797 A.C.
4. Thoughts Of Distrust

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