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Morta Skuld -Creation Undone cd


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Creation Undone is the seventh album from cult old school death metallers Morta Skuld. Formed in Milwaukee in 1990, the band are most remembered by the death metal community for their cult classic albums Dying Remains and As Humanity Fades (both essential death metal listens if you have not heard them). The band split in 1998 but were reformed in 2012 with only frontman and guitarist Dave Gregor remaining from the band’s early days. The same line-up from previous album Suffer For Nothing returns for this album and Creation Undone is another solid entry in the Morta Skuld discography. Creation Undone won’t win any awards for originality but what it does achieve is that it is a hugely enjoyable and incredibly solid death metal album. Everything is done to an extremely high level of quality from the crafting of the songs to the excellent musicianship. Death metal is a genre that is always being pulled in different directions but it is always most effective in its purest form as this album most definitely displays.

Track list:
1. We Rise We Fall
2. The End Of Reason
3. Painful Conflict
4. Unforeseen Obstacles
5. Perfect Prey
6. Soul Piercing Sorrow
7. Into Temptation
8. Self Destructive Emotions
9. Oblivion
10. By Design

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